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Good slingers need to be good dodgers
Murray Ferris

Ramblings by Murray Ferris

Organ Donors in short supply and dangerous criminals on the increase — there is a fit. How? well bear with me while I get some other stuff off my chest and I will explain.

Once again I am sure I will wind up the tiny minded, the politically correct and the downright bloody boring and humourless people who seem to think that just because they are so ridiculous about everything we all should be. Tough.

Wake up time you sad sods, get a flaming life and if you can’t get your tiny minds around that bit of advice don’t go places you might find off-putting.

You are like the crazy people who buy houses in the country or at the end of an airport runway and then complain about rural noises and bloody aeroplanes; it beggers belief. You are also clearly a self- centred lot.Worse though is you hide behind anonymity, brave, very brave. You are the sort of people who never had an original idea in your lives and just in case someone may challenge your unusual view of the world, you make sure that nobody knows who you are . . . talk about abusing democracy!

I wonder if I could get your names from the Herald under the official information act; worth thinking about I reckon. Then I could say some really nasty and untrue personal things about you. Remember if you are a good slinger you had better be a good dodger.

Well, at the risk of getting a death threat this week I may have another go. I would love to know what you think about this idea; it isn’t an original one, the Chinese have been using it for a long time and their crime rate is very low; wonder why. Should stir up a good debate at least.

My thinking is, we have a number of very serious issues confronting us in Godzone; we have a growing prison population; we have an aging population of baby boomers; and we have a snarled up justice system. And on top of that we have a health system groaning under the strain.

My thinking is we could eliminate some of those problems and relieve the stress on others so it’s a no-brainer. Here is what we could do.

Anyone who is a recidivist violent person, who has done the “three strikes and your out “ programme, should be humanely put down and their organs given to the good people who have worked hard, raised their families and contributed positively to society.

First we would lower the jail population, second we would unclog the court system, third the good people who finished up with crook hearts and kidneys and the like from working too hard and paying the taxes to keep these parasites would be brand new again. And the health system would benefit from us all being healthier. Hell, that’s so simple I am sure everyone will agree with me. And I can see some tax relief as well due to the reduction in government spending.

I will keep an eye out for your letters of support.


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