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another year and whathefuck? Meng?

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5 Feb, 2010
Chinese breakfast and all the trimmings by Murray Ferris
A friend has just returned from a business trip to China, wonders whether he will go back cause in his words ‘it’s bloody hard work’.

This is a transcript of his conversation. By the end of it you will understand Chinese I reckon.

Room service: ‘Morrin Roon Serbees’

My Mate: ‘Sorry thought I dialled room service’

Rooms service: ‘Rye. Roon Serbees… Morrin! Jewish to odder sunteen’

My Mate:’Uh.. yes please I’d like to order bacon and eggs’

Room service: ‘Ow ulai kem’

My Mate: ‘What’

Room service: ‘Ow ulai kem?

‘Pryed,boyed, poch’d’

My Mate: ‘Oh the eggs! How do I like them? Well . . . scrambled please.’

Room service: ‘Ow ulai dee bayken? Cripsee’

My Mate:’Crisp is fine.’

Room service: ‘Hokay ahn sahn toes’

My Mate: ‘What?’

Room Service: ‘ Ahn toes,.. ulai sahn toes.’

My Mate: ‘I don’t think so, I am sorry but I don’t know what you are saying.’

Room service; ‘Toes, toes, why u no wan toes? Ow bow ingish moppin we botter.’

My Mate: ‘Oh, English muffin, we were talking about toast. I understand, muffin please’

Room service: ‘We botter.’

My Mate: ‘Just put butter on the side.’

Room service: ‘Wad yo men.’

My Mate: ‘Just put it on the plate.’

Room service: ‘Copy.’

My Mate: ‘Excuse me?’

Room service: ‘Copy, Tea, Meel’.

My Mate: ‘Coffee please.’

Room service: ‘Won minnie. Scramah egg, creepse bayken, angish moppin we botter on sigh and copy… rye?’

My Mate: Whatever you say.’

Room service: ‘Tanjooberrymutts.’

Do you understand chinese now?