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Dear Jeremy, is there a particular reason I was not offered ‘right of reply’ to the personal attacks in the letters to the editor column? It seemed alright for some last year, why not me?
As regards the following letter I would like to sign-off – if I may be so demanding – on any editing. Ian removed the guts of my last piece and this is not acceptable any more.

to the editor,

Dear Sir,
Lured from his lair your environmental reporter Martin Gibson gave reason, science and the planet a slap in the face. “…cross of orthodoxy….vampire of available evidence…..unelected world government pre-cursors and associated global taxes….”. His piece goes on.

There is a case to be made regarding Martins mounting fervent belief in the political and scientific communities self-interested campaign  to rort and defraud the people of the world and Big Business.

His null and void approach to peer reviewed research is irresponsible. We need better journalism from this died-in-the-wool climate-change skeptic.

Meanwhile the rest of the trolls under this bridge – that we must all cross together – are stirred.
Their refusal to negotiate the future through science is so troglodyte and inhuman that they almost belong to another species. One that would consume the world to attain their rapture – at the expense of us all.

Our unreasonable human-caused global climate change through warming is an evolutionary concept which is measurable and therefore refused out of hand  by the unscientific creationists.
Yours sincerely, Conor Jeory


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