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This from the local environment reporter in the letters to the editor
There’s always melting . . . and freezing!

Ah Conor Jeory, if we don’t believe in free speech for those we disagree with, we don’t believe in it at all.Is it really ’embarrassing, pointless and criminal’ for Gisborne people who don’t worship at the altar of climate change orthodoxy to be given a voice?

Contrary to what you might think, the ‘dangerously out of step’ do read about climate change, but we also read evidence sparsely covered by corporate media, because we trust ourselves to form our own opinions.

Perhaps you feel uneasy going ‘off-piste’ in search of your world view, but there are plenty of others who would happily weigh available evidence and reach their own conclusions.

Your shrill tone suggests ‘latest research’ on permafrost melting in the Arctic (unlikely at this time of the year) is not enough of a cross of orthodoxy to wave at the vampire of available evidence. Your shriek for the wooden stake of censorship is a natural reflex, but relax – climate is a dynamic system.

There’s always melting and there’s always freezing. Arctic ice melts every year, which makes for alarming pictures, but it freezes every year, which (like record Antarctic ice) is not so spectacular and not covered with the same hysteria.

There’s never a shortage of ‘Four legs good, two legs bad!’ issues for the piously half-informed to bleat about, and I promise you’ll be given a new one soon.

Large chunks of the case for runaway global warming from anthropogenic CO2 collapsed like spring ice some time ago, and I for one am proud to be on record questioning that hypothesis, and the unelected world government precursors and associated global taxes and bureaucrats it has been used to justify.

To anticipate your next concern; I’m not saying there’s nothing to worry about – our native flora and fauna need protection and expanded habitat.

I don’t ‘blithely destroy fauna’.

I just don’t see any point bankrupting this country through quixotic carbon taxes on agriculture no other country pays, nor any point in bankrupting our district by planting unharvestable pines on the basis of a null hypothesis.

Martin Gibson


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