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Fishing for facts . . . lands last response

Last weekend we were at the lake furthering our research into the effects of climate change through global warming. To our horror we came across a boatload of drunkard men — with their rods out — having their way with a trout. They were drinking and . . . . I can’t erase the images from my memory. You wouldn’t read about it, I would have thought — then we read the Fishing Guide by M. Ferris and we were exposed, again.

Keep it up M.F.

P.S. Please, Sir — could we request M.F. publish his recommended reading list that supports his angry-man, flat-earther approach to the science of climate change. That should be interesting.

Sincerely, C. Jeory

FOOTNOTE: Conor, I don’t have a recommended reading list as such. But I do read all the material in the papers and listen to what’s up on the TV or radio on most subjects that interest me. I believe you need to balance both sides of any argument before you panic.

I am awaiting a copy of “Air Con” to have a read, but to date have only seen what was presented at the evening with Wishart.

My claim to fame is open mindedness. I don’t panic the minute I read something that claims the world is doomed. That is more than you can claim young fella. I suspect you are scared of everything if some guys having a drink and fishing scare you.

You should stay inside and lock the doors in case the boogie man gets you.

I recommend you stop taking my column too seriously. Actually, I suggest you stop reading it completely because this is the last response you will get from me on your drivel.

Murray Ferris


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