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13 Aug, 2009
Even fish are protesting
My Irish friend was in Auckland for a few days.
He said the rivers and beaches up there were a disgrace because of pollution.
He said: “It’s so bad that when I caught three fish up there last week they thanked me!”



Grandma, lives in the attic @ the Herald?

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12 Aug, 2009
Tourism the key
Congratulations to all those who have helped to set up the Inbound Tour Operators Council conference here.

We need all the help we can get to let the outside world know that we have a bit of heaven here!


How does this woman get her letters printed within 12 hours of what she writes in reference to?

Astonishing, again – the strains of the opening track of ‘Psycho’ spring to mind.

Who is the Editors little friend in his attic?

Its official! Its a column!

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Fishing for facts . . . lands last response

Last weekend we were at the lake furthering our research into the effects of climate change through global warming. To our horror we came across a boatload of drunkard men — with their rods out — having their way with a trout. They were drinking and . . . . I can’t erase the images from my memory. You wouldn’t read about it, I would have thought — then we read the Fishing Guide by M. Ferris and we were exposed, again.

Keep it up M.F.

P.S. Please, Sir — could we request M.F. publish his recommended reading list that supports his angry-man, flat-earther approach to the science of climate change. That should be interesting.

Sincerely, C. Jeory

FOOTNOTE: Conor, I don’t have a recommended reading list as such. But I do read all the material in the papers and listen to what’s up on the TV or radio on most subjects that interest me. I believe you need to balance both sides of any argument before you panic.

I am awaiting a copy of “Air Con” to have a read, but to date have only seen what was presented at the evening with Wishart.

My claim to fame is open mindedness. I don’t panic the minute I read something that claims the world is doomed. That is more than you can claim young fella. I suspect you are scared of everything if some guys having a drink and fishing scare you.

You should stay inside and lock the doors in case the boogie man gets you.

I recommend you stop taking my column too seriously. Actually, I suggest you stop reading it completely because this is the last response you will get from me on your drivel.

Murray Ferris

These ‘people’. Who can they be?

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Candy floss blossom time

It looks as if the worst of the winter is over. Already the “candy floss” trees are blossoming and Gisborne will soon be a picture again. Nature can be a joy to behold.

Recession? Yes, but we have much to be thankful for.


Who are these ‘people’?

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I hear the opening strains of ‘Psycho’ when I read the editors little offerings…..
31 Jul, 2009
At least be cautious
Climate change is a worry. Sometimes I’m convinced it’s all happening. Sometimes I think the warnings are exaggerated. But why exaggerate? We need to be cautious but not destructive to our economy in our remedies.