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I took out some words.

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Key takes strong stance on shaky ground . . . the future of pensions
Friday, 5 June 2009

Most New Zealanders would have been pleased to hear Prime Minister John Key say he would resign.

It was a bold call considering the Government’s decision to make a 10-year suspension of  pension entitlements.

In last week’s Budget, Finance Minister Bill English announced ice until the Government’s books went back into surplus in 2020.

Not surprisingly, Labour has attacked the viability.

Government appears to be inevitable in the future.

The “Cullen Fund” as it was called, was set up to help.

And it certainly seemed a wise decision at the time. Nobody was hammering for a way to ease their problems.

But there is nothing like a recession to change the rules.

Today? Despite the tight economic conditions, Labour leader Phil Goff said if Labour had been in power it would have continued.

He added: “Clearly time does produce good  people going into retirement, does ease.”

We agree. All things being equal, the Cullen Fund would have achieved its objectives.

But belt-tightening is the order of the day.

National intends preserving future pension entitlements by keeping debt down and building economic growth.

It expects super to be funded out of taxes until 2030 and then the fund will make a contribution of up to 14 percent of the cost. It won’t be easy!

Story by The Gisborne Herald
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have at it! these ‘people’

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Keep battling!
Saturday, 23 May 2009
Full marks to the Gisborne businesses and many employers who have, I know, made every effort possible to retain staff and keep wages flowing into families during this particularly bleak economic period.

I know that many small businesses are suffering and this is understandable as people don’t have the money to throw around right now and there seems to be a new-found thrift. I’m sure we’ll get through this one.

Itsa Battle

Story by The Gisborne Herald
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these…these….’people’ no.2

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Poverty no excuse for criminal activity
Thursday, 4 June 2009
Poverty is no excuse for commiting crime.

As the owner of a little dairy, I’m fed up with all the young shoplifters hitting us every day.

I’ve had my business in Gisborne for one decade.

And during this time there has been no decrease in shoplifting in this city. Young thieves, some no more than five years old, keep showing up.

That’s a very high ratio for only 40,000 population. Shoplifting is bad; it’s crime.

This is the lesson that the parents and schools need to teach as they educate the younger generation.

Upset dairy owner

Story by The Gisborne Herald
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Who are all these….these….’people’ no.1

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Honesty counts
Tuesday, 2 June 2009
Honesty is the best policy . . . in life and politics. National should remember this. They could never afford to fulfil their election promises. But, in fairness, English and Key are handling it well.

I. Gotajob

Story by The Gisborne Herald
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Deal To The Cities

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word to hand,

Farmers are arming,

the Cities have grown soft

Its time to sort it out. It can’t go on forever.

Here. Now.

Lets Farm The Cities.

Experiment 14-3 Lets see what gets in the ‘paper’.

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Heres the sent: 2.o6.o9

Dear Sir,

Journalists around the country have been pulling the NACTional Governments Budget figures apart.

The growing consensus is that this government has cooked the books, created a false impression of hideous national indebtedness and thereby swindled us out of our Cullen Fund.

These bankers want to be able to clip the ticket and this Fund did not enable them to do that. Now they lie and cheat ( fast food back in schools, tax cuts anyone? ) and we lose our future superannuation.

Daddy state is a hard man with a taser in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a mouthful of big mac.

To quote M.Bradbury – ‘hows that change feeling?’.

We should of changed our undies.