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Here comes Gavin: a finely crafted letter followed by

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Being called activist is a compliment
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
The rhetorical sniping between “Poor young Conor” and “Menacing Murray” is great fun. In the words of the latter, bring it on: I am sure the former can hold his own.

However, having spent many years as a political activist, I resent anyone resenting being called an activist. The man should take it as a compliment.

Further, Conor Jeory made no imputation that Mr Ferris’s party affiliation had anything to do with the views he expressed. In the domain of slander? Please! (Technically, the domain of slander is speech: I think poor old Murray meant libel.)

Finally, since letters are addressed to the Editor, and Mr Ferris is far too old a hand to change address accidentally in mid-debate, I sincerely hope you do not take exception to being called “sunshine”.

It suits you.

Gavin Maclean

Story by The Gisborne Herald
Copyright © The Gisborne Herald

nice one

Stick to fishing, Murray
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Regarding the Fishing Guide . . . . Week after week anglers have had to read a load of rubbish that Murray Ferris writes under heading Fishing Guide.

I doubt that even a meagre 15 percent of his writings relate to fishing. Since his reports have totally lost direction, I would be surprised if many anglers bother to read this report any more.

How does (quote) “roll over and go nigh nighs cause daddy needs some sleep” relate to anything vaguely connected with fishing.

If Murray wants to continue writing about cuckoo land, he should change his title to Dreamtime Land and engage another person to provide a more factual fishing report.

R. Hart

Give us more on rivers, lakes and conditions
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Menace disguised as fishing guide . . . I AGREE! For the past month or so we have had to read this gibberish. Half of us wouldn’t have a clue who Mr Ferris’s mates are, or really care. Can’t we just go back to the fishing report stating all the local rivers and lakes, their condition and how they’re fishing, not just a quick paragraph at the end.



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