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Sunshine, in a dark place. I need my head read to take on this kind of crazy

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A psychotic threat to the citizenry? Please!
Saturday, 23 May 2009
Footnote: Poor young Conor certainly has me in a dark place, “a psychotic threat levelled at the citizenry” – please! Shame he thinks I use too much oxygen, I am probably “oxygen neutral” because the animals I hunt have left some spare for Conor to use, albeit in strange ways. Any way, I am also “a likeable chap”. Talk about a kick in the guts and a pat on the head all in one sentence.

I certainly have no baggage regarding what is right and wrong, and I certainly don’t propose open slather with firearms. I do, however, have over 50 years experience with firearms. They have given me, my family and hunting friends tremendous recreational pleasure and not a moment of unlawful activity. Now the debate will esculate to “killing stuff” I am sure, however, I waste nothing I kill; I love wild game on the menu. Unless you are a vegetarian, Conor, all the meat we eat has been killed in some way. I am sure to the cow, chicken, pig or sheep it’s irrelevent whether it’s a steel rod shot into the brain or a bullet.

My biggest frustration is how we have become, and are increasingly becoming, a nation paranoid about guns – and all because we have been so dumbed down in this country that the minute some idiot does something wrong with one, we as law-abiding citizens pay the price. They chip dogs because some people are irresponsible dog owners, they have anti-smacking laws cause some parents just plain and simple should not have kids, and I and many others are over it.

As far as taking instant and terminal action against people who shoot and kill police (or anyone else for that matter), bring it on and the sooner the better. We have tried the mamby-pamby approach and it has never been worse than it is now. The so-called social watchdogs would be quick to change sides if it was one of their own who was affected by these people who break the rules.

P.S. I am a National Party supporter, I resent being called an activist or any inference that the National Party membership in any way supports or shares my views. That, sunshine, is lurking in the domain of slander.

Murray Ferris

Story by The Gisborne Herald
Copyright © The Gisborne Herald

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