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Tortured beasts makes the front page.

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‘Catch the sadists’
Friday, 22 May 2009
By Kiri Gillespie
A “sadistic” and “horrendous” attack on several cattle beasts at Muriwai has horrified the SPCA, which has joined police in appealing for information to help catch the people responsible.

Police continue to follow a strong line of inquiry into the incident in which a cattle beast’s hindquarters were hacked off while it was still alive.

They believe an axe was used and that several people were involved in the Saturday night attack.

They chased cattle around a holding pen, slashing at them with knives.

Another cattle beast was found wandering in the village the next day, bleeding heavily and highly stressed. Residents contacted the farmer who collected the animal and returned to the Muriwai Beach Road holding paddock where he found the other animal lying in a pool of blood behind hay bales – still alive.

Gisborne SPCA branch manager and national councillor Carol Martin said the attack was one of the most chilling cases of cruelty to animals she had come across in this district.

The attack demonstrated a level of violence that appeared to be “psychopathic”.

“What made this really disturbing is the proven link between violence to animals and violence to people,” she said.

“Sociological studies have proven that people who attack animals are equally likely to be abusive and violent in their approach to people.”

Ms Martin said this “sadistic” behaviour was past being a normal animal welfare issue.

“It is torture,” she said.

“Such behaviour is becoming more widespread throughout New Zealand. There seems to be no empathy or remorse. These cattle would have suffered a horrendous amount of pain.”

The two animals were highly distressed when they were found the next day and had to be killed.

They cannot account for a third missing cattle beast.

Ms Martin said the SPCA supported police in their calls for information relating to the “savage” incident.

“It is time we all stood up and were counted as a nation, by reporting and stopping such behaviour,” Ms Martin said.

Senior Sergeant Tony Gibson said police were still making inquiries and encouraged anyone with information to contact them.

“We have stock thefts all the time. They are not unusual – but this one is unusual because of the cruelty involved,” he said.

“That’s what makes this such a significant case.”

Mr Gibson described the people responsible as “gutless”.

It is thought they might have gained entrance to the paddock from the nearby beach.

Story by The Gisborne Herald
Copyright © The Gisborne Herald

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