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It is significant healthy people can debate issues in our paper

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From the Letters:
It is healthy that people can debate significant issues in our newspaper
Thursday, 21 May 2009
I think that it is healthy that people are debating significant issues like God and the afterlife in your paper.

It means that people are thinking about it. I know a person who took a philosophy of religion paper at university.

Half the lectures were by atheists and half by theists. Depending on your personal stance you left each lecture feeling either challenged or vindicated.

One day as they walked home from a particularly hard-hitting session by a Cambridge atheist, they reflected on why they still believed in God despite these powerful rational arguments against his existence.

It suddenly dawned on them that they still believed because they had experienced God.

You could call this: “Knowing God personally.”

Modern philosopher Alvin Plantinga says that it is intellectually dishonest to deny something that a person knows to be self-evidently true.

Recently I spoke to another man who told me that he used to be a militant atheist. He said that he saw his purpose in life being to divest others of their primitive superstitions. He loved to bamboozle young Christians with complex philosophical arguments.

He also confided that he would often arrogantly question the intellectual abilities of believers in God.

This all changed one day when he fell terribly ill. Against his reason he found himself calling out to the ‘God’ he didn’t believe in for help.

Finally he began attending a church of his choice and there confessed to Jesus as his God.

For this person, at least, it would seem that there are no atheists in the trenches after all!

It is important, however, to debate these issues because at least it keeps them before the minds of people who may not otherwise think about them.

G. Macpherson

Story by The Gisborne Herald
Copyright © The Gisborne Herald

Standard issue stuff for this Letters to the Editor Column.

Other regular entries through this narrow filter include: Abortion is Evil?, Whats the world coming to? and We must all work together!!

And because I am about to – I note the mumble at the very bottom of Mr/Mrs? Macphersons letter :

Story by The Gisborne Herald

Copyright © The Gisborne Herald

now there has been rumour and accusations of the Editor writing letters himself under a variety of pseudonyms (denied vociferously by the Paper – almost as shrillly as PenguinFarrar regarding his kite-flying for the Nacts).

The Ian Wishart Within Me says that following up a member of the publics ‘letter’ with this claim of ownership points to two things:

a/ It is not a letter- it is a written ‘story’.

b/ The Herald claims copyright over anything they publish – once they’ve rewritten it to fit their agenda – because thats quite appropriate for works of fiction.


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