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Seems pigs are safe in their crates

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2009 at 6:32 pm

Couldn’t sleep too well last night.

Heres why ;

From Page Four Wednesday 20 May(since I have to tap tap this out myself I’ve sped it up..)

Cattle slashed, mutilated in ‘heinous’ night attack. by Kiri Gillespie

Cattle beasts were still alive when they were stabbed and mutilated by a group of people who hacked off the hind quarters of one beast and left it to bleed out in the paddock where it had been held.

Police are following a strong line of inquiry into the Muriwai incident, where two of the stock were eventually put down.

They are still appealing for any information on the incident as they try to account for another missing beast…….a group of people appeared to have chased one of the cattle beasts around the paddock slashing at it with knives before removing its hindquarters….senior constable Bruce Amai said there would of had to have been several people involved because it would of been quite hard to remove those hindquarters…they would of had to have used an axe at least….Mr Amai said the attack was unbelievable….they have also chased another cow and slashed at it with knives, cutting it across it’s face and neck…It is thought this beast escaped the was found wandering around the village next day bleeding and highly stressed…residents called the farmer and when he returned to the paddock he discovered the other animal lying behind hay bales in a pool of blood still alive….the two animals were in pain and had to be put out of their misery…”We are still asking for witnesses to come forward to provide any information…police believe the group  of peole could of accessed the paddock from the beach.

Now I really gotta go wash these fingers

I’ll have to come back to this, but we are a truly a dark country away from the bright city lights and under our ‘she’ll be right’ clean green paradisaical self image.

We farm brutally, we take our recreation brutally and brutal things happen. And more often than not its the animals that suffer.

And I looked in vain in this story to see the word cow used, even just once, but…no. Beast is the preferred word out here in the wild wild east.


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