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What did we do to deserve this Gisborne?

Anyone here tried to do the parking tango at the Gisborne airport? wtf?

Eastland Groups Newsletter aka The Gisborne Herald gives us the latest in the PlanToRuleThemAll with just one ring – Matt Todds

(or Madd Dogg as he is fondly referred to locally) – sphincter.

Thought experiment – after reading this yet-again-front-page-announcement

( during a period where the local community is starting to query the rort and boys club that is The Eastland Group ) picture the basic yet undeniable example of making money at OUR expense which is : Parking At The Bloody Airport. 

Eastland Group Keen To Deliver Broadband. May 18 2009  by Marianne Gillingham.

The Eastland Group is working towards being part of a Government initiative that could result in this region having a world-class high-speed broadband network years ahead of previous expectations.

“The Eastland Group envisaged a local fibre company model where the fibre network was operated in a similar way to the electricity network, where numerous energy retailers competed for customers”.

well, hell that’s a system that has almost universal ‘kick me’ on its forehead

“Mr Todd said the proposal was not without some issues. The lack of a commercial model that provided the necessary returns to the investors was one of them”.

for investor read Director

Ian Wishart moment – who would own or control all of these competing companies? Madd Dogg and his Forest of Mates to be sure.

update Saturday the 23 may: What a week for the power companies, overcharging by over $4 billion….just saying is all..


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