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Hi there, and heres what the Editor got

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2009 at 8:42 am
(It may seem rash to say ‘do not publish’ BUT either He won’t or – even worse: prints His version. TABT ).

Dear Sir, I won’t hand this up for publication as I cannot be assured that my views will survive your pruning and reorganisation intact or even pointing in the original direction.
I will be posting Murray’s appalling Fishing Guide around the blogs (the in-ter-net) to get some feedback and action. This lurch to the right is getting alarming. To the Press Council I should think.
I’m not even faintly amused at the amount of oxygen you give to the gun lobby as represented by Murray Ferris and his increasingly menacing views disguised as The Fishing Guide.
I’ve always found Murray to be a likeable chap. A good bloke. Keen too.
But what lurks beneath?
Coming from a respected local identity, a pillar of the local establishment we get what is frankly a psychotic threat leveled at the citizenry.
In his own words – and in the shadow of the the violent tragedy of Napier – we get a proposal for us to “shut our eyes’ and let Murray the hunter and “100 kms” worth of his fellow “strong men (and women) who respect the law, work hard and love their families and give us half an hour”.
How could you let Mr Ferris get away with such revealing writing?
Through your Fishing Guide we see inside the mind of a local community stalwart, National Party activist and hunting enthusiast and see the workings of a very dark mindset. He goes on to include the anti gun lobby in his night of the long knives. Well that would include me in his purge.
We now read the Fishing Guide in order to find out where Murray and his gang are likely to be so as to avoid running into them out in the countryside armed to the teeth. He loves the great outdoors – to death.
Most people might think”Well that Murray, bit of a hard case, takes things a bit far but y’now loves kids” however these sinister scrawlings amount to a terrorist threat from a man who covets guns and is an obsessional recreational killer and you let this be published on your watch Sir. Under your stewardship are we served well by this? Am I wrong to be appalled ?
In my day this evil tripe would never get a look in.

Yours Faithfully,  Me


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